Stakeholders in the DoI review

23 January, 2008 – 1:46 pm

As you will see in the media Minister Kosky has done about the Department of Infrastructure’s planned “review” of the bike ban, they plan to contact all relevant “stakeholders” for consultation.

Yesterday afternoon I rang Ms Kosky’s office to find out how representatives from the Bin the Bike Ban (BtBB) campaign could be involved in the review. Naturally, all the people I should have spoken to were in a meeting.

We intend to keep contacting the department until they announce who those “stakeholders” are. Obviously V/Line and Connex, but their “stake” is relatively small compared to that of cyclists. There needs to be representatives from cycling groups – regional BUGs would be a good start.

Whether or not Bicycle Victoria is part of the review is irrelevant, because they have shown on this issue they can’t be relied on to represent cyclists’ interests.

There is still no public release from DOI about the ban’s review (well, there was no release when it came into action, so I suppose it is fitting if it slinks away with similarly little fanfare). BV’s website also awaits an update.

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  2. I’d suggest the PTUA will likely be one of the stakeholders.

    The PTUA has publicly opposed the bike ban from the start and it raised plenty of alternatives that appear to have not even been considered by the anti-bike pencil pushers in the department (like re-using the underused wheelchair spaces in the last carriage as bicycle space).

    If the government was serious about making amends, it’d simultaneously move to fit folding bicycle racks to the front of every V/Line road coach in the state, like they use on the front of metro buses in plenty of urban areas in north america. The main reason people don’t use V/Line for intercity travel is the need for a car at one or both ends of the trip. Even just 2 to 4 spaces per coach would be a massive improvement. Put them on a reservation system, and if there are more than 4 reservations, the coach needs to operate with a trailer on the back that day.

    By Peter on Jan 23, 2008

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