Media release: From the Minister for Public Transport Friday, 15 February, 2008

19 February, 2008 – 12:14 pm

Media release: From the Minister for Public Transport Friday, 15 February, 2008


Bicycles will again be allowed on all Connex and V/Line services from today in a push to address the needs of both cyclists and other passengers, Minister for Public Transport Lynne Kosky announced today. In a further boost for combination bike and train users, Ms Kosky announced $1 million in funding for new bike cages across the metropolitan and regional train network. Read the rest of this entry »

Bendigo Advertiser: Bike ban back flip

16 February, 2008 – 12:14 pm

Bendigo Advertiser: Bike ban back flip

Central Victorian bicycle groups celebrated a victory yesterday with the reversal of the bike ban on country trains. Victorian Transport Minister Lynne Kosky announced the reversal of the policy to ban bikes on peak services on V/Line and Connex trains and further investigation into developing bicycle storage facilities at stations. The policy, which came into effect on January 1 this year, resulted in an outcry from regional bike commuters. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 15: Media Coverage of bike ban reversal

15 February, 2008 – 8:11 pm

Find more videos like this on Melbourne Cyclist

Find more videos like this on Melbourne Cyclist




15 February, 2008 – 11:57 am

Read below for todays news article reversing the bike ban – it’s been a wonderful ensemble effort right across Victoria, it’s been inspiring how fantastic peoples responses have been and how they’ve acted accordingly to these bans.

It’s been your victory, well done to you all! Now lets keep an more careful eye on such matters in the future.

MetLink: Bikes back on peak hour trains and further improvements announced

The Age: Minister lifts bicycle ban on peak-hour trains
Public Transport Minister Lynne Kosky will today bow to anger from cyclists and reverse a controversial plan to ban bikes on trains during rush hours. Bicycles will once again be allowed on all Connex and V/Line trains at all times – but only in the final carriage of Connex services, and only in set storage areas on V/Line trains. The backpedal comes just six weeks after the rush-hour ban was revealed.

The ban was not formally announced; instead, it was found in the fine print of the Government’s annual Fares and Ticketing Manual. Ms Kosky, who was on holiday when the ban was revealed, distanced herself from the decision to ban bikes, and immediately ordered a review of the decision upon returning to work last month.

The move to ban bikes on Connex and V/Line services sparked heated debate, with many questioning the Government’s commitment to more Victorians using sustainable forms of transport. Read the rest of this entry »

BtBB to attend roundtable discussions with Lynne Kosky

2 February, 2008 – 1:36 pm

Great news – Brianna will attend a round table discussion with Lynne Kosky and government representatives on behalf of Bin the Bike Ban on February 6th 2008 at Parliament House.

This is a great opportunity for BtBB and those affected by the bans to get their opinions known and constructively engage with the State Government on these issues.

More updates as they come to hand.

Many thanks to everyone who has shown support to oppose these peak hour bans and helped the campaign. This positive result couldn’t of occurred without your support.

Thank you!

Bicycle Victoria link updates

2 February, 2008 – 1:29 pm

31 January 2008: Bicycle Victoria have updated information on these following pages:

    Trains: Melbourne Metro
    Trains: Victoria – Regional – V/Line
    Public transport and bikes

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Update: Bike ban status for Connex and V/line

2 February, 2008 – 1:20 pm

Officially the bans have not been repealed/overturned – However no action will be taken against any cyclist who takes their bike on a peak hour train pending the outcome of the review. This advice has been confirmed by phone conversations with Lynne Kosky’s Senior Ministerial Advisor.

This is valid for both Connex and V/Line.

Text of V/Line bulletin: Information Alert – Needs your attention – Bicycle Ban Update (23 January)

  1. Click here for bulletin pdf

As you may have read in the press, the Government has announced a review of the bike ban policy affecting peak trains from 1 January.

V/Line has committed to being a part of this review and will be working with cycling groups, customers, Connex and the Government to develop a commonsense approach that will allow us to maximise travel opportunities for everyone, while still safely and efficiently transporting large numbers of people during peak periods.

There will obviously be a range of views and operational issues that will need to be considered as part of this review and staff are encouraged to raise any suggestions with line management to feed into the review process. Read the rest of this entry »

BtBB Ban review submission

29 January, 2008 – 11:50 pm

Following is the text of Bin the Bike Ban’s submission to the DOI review of the peak-hour bike ban.


Bin the Bike Ban is a coalition of cycling groups and individuals gathered to overturn the recent Department of Infrastructure ban of bicycles on peak-hour trains. We represent over 500 individuals and have connections to many Victorian cycling groups.

Our position is that cycling and multi-model travel must both be encouraged as part of an integrated public transport model that aims to minimise car use. The benefits include improved public health, reduced road congestion and reduced reliance on oil. We believe that cycling should be supported by all levels of government as a normal, integrated form of transport.

In addition, we feel that the bicycle ban has been poorly managed, with limited consultation and public awareness prior to the ban taking force in January 2008.

We fully support the encouragement of ‘feeder travel’ to train stations with the provision of secure bicycle parking. However, many
passengers need their bicycles at both ends of their train journey — bicycle parking does not totally meet their needs.

Unless otherwise specified ‘carriages’ and ‘trains’ refer to both V/Line and Connex stock. Read the rest of this entry »

Midland Express: Bike Ban review welcomed

29 January, 2008 – 11:45 pm

Midland Express Bike Ban Review Jan 08

From the January 29th edition of the Midland Express, a Elliott Midland Newspaper Group that covers Castlemaine, Kyneton & Woodend.

“Bike commuters cop a rough ride”

29 January, 2008 – 11:41 pm

Featuring our very own Russell Cadman!

The Advocate, 2008-01-22:

RUSSELL Cadman used to love combining his cycling hobby with the public transport commute from his Woodend home to work in Keilor.

He would ride to the Woodend railway station, board the V/Line train with his bike, get off at St Albans and ride the rest of the way to work.

But all that has changed with the State Government’s ban on bikes on peak-hour Connex and V/Line train services.

“I have had to buy another bike, which I intended to keep in a locker at St Albans station,” Mr Cadman said. “But trying to find a locker was a whole other hassle.”

Hiring lockers at the Woodend and St Albans stations, as well as supplying his own lock, will cost Mr Cadman about $150. Read the rest of this entry »