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10 January, 2008 – 12:38 am

Every day I catch the train home and every bike I see, I wonder what the person carrying it thinks abou the bikes-on-trains ban. I want to tell them about our campaign and inspire them to fight to overturn the ban with us. So I made this leaflet so I have something to give them. 🙂


The text says,

Dear cyclists & thoughtful citizens,

You may be aware that on January 1 2008 the Department of Infrastructure (via Victorian State Minister for Public Transport, Lynne Kosky) introduced a law banning bikes from peak-hour trains. This ban was introduced in the name of reducing over-crowding, but bikes on trains are NOT the cause of over-crowding. This ban makes cyclists scape-goats for poor management and funding by the government and rail companies. The ban is especially ludicrous for V/Line because those trains have special luggage compartments where bikes are stored, so there is no way a bike stops people boarding those trains.

This ban will do nothing to stop inconsiderate jerks who happen to carry bikes on crowded trains, and will only make criminals out of considerate cyclists who need the flexibility that comes with NOT having a blanket ban.

As a society with two major problems facing it, being obesity and the impending oil crisis, it is ludicrous that decisions like this which discourage cycling could even be considered let alone implemented. Please join us in acting to have this ban overturned.

You can download the PDF to print out and use yourself:

  • leaflet4.pdf – this is the 4 pages of the leaflet, so you can do the fancy “print 4 pages in 1” thing
  • leaflet.pdf – one page

Is there something else that should be mentioned in the text? Later when we have specific events planned I will mention those. (By the way, did you notice the site now has an events page? :))

If you have another text or design that you want to share, please email me or leave a comment, and I will put it up here for others to use. You can also use our existing banners or create some more.

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  2. Nice work!

    Goodluck with handing them out!

    I’m interested with how many non-cyclists take one as well, because I’ve noticed lately non-cyclists approaching me and telling me they think the ban is crap.

    I don’t have a printer so I can’t hand them out though, sorry!

    By Bethany on Jan 10, 2008

  3. and another thing:

    maybe try to leave wads of them at bike shops where you can tell the people who work there about the meeting so they can pass it on to people who pick up the leaflets

    By Bethany on Jan 10, 2008

  4. The new V-line trains do not have a luggage carriage – you might want to change your leaflet to reflect this.

    The spot for bikes is very small and not quite as long as a bicycle – you can fit maybe three on each carriage, with the front wheel bent, but if there’s even a single bike then there’s not enough room for any other wheeled items, such as walkers, prams, wheeled luggage that can’t be lifted etc.

    You should go and have a look at one, to get the full idea of how they have stuffed up the design.

    Recreational bike riding has become important low impact high revenue tourism for areas on good v-line routes from Melb (eg Castlemaine-Newstead etc) and the new train carriages are a backward step.

    By Liz on Jan 11, 2008

  5. On a similar issue – doesn’t this ban contradict some of the messages in the state governments Provincial Victoria campaign?

    “Welcoming communities, excellent services and a multitude of lifestyle opportunities make Provincial Victoria an exciting and rewarding place to live.”

    I reckon there may well be numerous councils and shires who wouldn’t be pleased about the mixed messages either.

    By ChrisS on Jan 11, 2008

  6. Consider sending this letter or similar to any regional tourist organisations. Especially ones that have rail trails eg in Wangaratta:


    “To who it may concern.

    Has your organisation considered the effect on tourism in your area, due to the newly imposed bicycle travel restrictions on Metlink and V/Line?

    Melburnians often use suburban trains, in peak hour, mid-week with their bikes, to connect with early morning V/Line trains at Southern Cross station. Now missing these early morning country trains due to the restrictions imposed by the bans, may often result in a day being wasted, as later trains may not depart till near midday.

    Have you got a rail trail or cycling paths in your region? When cyclists come to your local area, they spend money on accommodation, food and other holiday pursuits. The bans on bikes on trains will reduce tourism in your area and result in financial loss to your community.

    Perhaps the new Victorian bicycle bans need to be thought through a little more? If you agree, please consider voicing your opposition through your organisation.



    By JP on Jan 13, 2008

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