Controversial bike ban to stay?

8 January, 2008 – 5:38 am

Not if we have anything to say about it!

ACTING Premier Rob Hulls has defended the controversial move to ban bikes on V-Line trains during peak periods.

“The decision that was made in relation to bikes on peak services is all about passenger comfort and ensuring that people can travel on trains in comfort during peak hours,” Mr Hulls said.

“There has been no decision made about rescinding that decision.

“The fact is that passengers on trains want to be able to travel in comfort.[“]

(Herald Sun, 08-01-2008)

I’m pretty sure more than wanting to be able to travel in comfort, passengers — all passengers, including cyclists — want to be able to travel, period.

There are two major problems with Hulls’ statements. The first is that he was making them in relation to the V/Line bans. This is despite the fact that V/Line trains have dedicated storage areas for bikes and therefore no person ever loses a seat on a V/Line train due to a bike.

This is a quote from an Age article a couple of days ago:

A spokesman for V/Line said the ban for country users during peak times was regrettable, but the high number of passengers taking their bike on packed trains during rush hours was becoming a problem.

Well guess what? There is a really easy way of solving that. Introduce a bike booking system. There is still no booking system for those who want to take their bikes on V/Line trains.

Is that rocket science or what?

Have a look:

© Geoffmo (thankyou!)

Here is another one.

Wow, do you notice how the bikes are not anywhere near where people actually sit?

Rob Hulls’ claim that the V/Line ban is about passenger comfort is a blatant lie. Removing these bikes would clearly create no new passenger space whatsoever. Hulls should retract his claim and explain the real reason that he thinks it’s acceptable for a public transport decision to force people to either get a new job or buy a car. This ban is shameful and unacceptable for a Government that preaches sustainaibility yet cannot even properly maintain a public transport system that people want to use!

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